Cellulite are fat cells that appear as dimpled or bumpy skin caused primarily by female hormones and genetics. It becomes more visible when dermal fat cells swell and are closer to the surface of the skin. This occurs when damage of the dermis occurs and loss of water weakens the tissue. The dermal fat then begins to push into the dermis, the cellulite becomes more visible when the epidermis is weakened or dehydrated.


Keeping collagen and elastin cells healthy will help to reduce cellulite. Cells and connective tissue need to be repaired, strengthened and hydrated though nutrients and water intake. Drinking water is not enough, your cells need to be able to hold on to the water, excess water in the body leads to water retention and puffiness.


The best approach for treating cellulite is repairing skin health and providing nutrients to the skin. A combination of repairing cell and connective tissue damage, stimulating circulation and collagen synthesis, reducing wasted water and proper diet and exercise is all part of a healthy approach to treating cellulite.


Treatment options

- Cellulite Treatment using TempSure Envi Radio Frequency treatments