Unwanted Hair

Hair protects our body from dust, particles and from environmental elements and UV rays. Everyone has millions of follicles on their body. Cultures and individuals with mixed traits will experience different traits of hair, colour and thickness.


Vellus hair (peach fuzz) is soft fine hair, it is found in areas such as cheeks or areas that are not covered by larger, coarse terminal hairs.


Terminal hair is the longer, coarse hair found on your head, brows, genitals, arms an legs. With hormone changes during puberty areas that previously produced vellus hair can switch to terminal hairs.


Excessive hair growth or unwanted hair is a common problem that affects both men and women. Excessive hair growth is characterized by the growth of terminal hairs that normally only produces vellus hairs. What is normal in one person may be extreme in another. Excessive abnormal hair growth on the female body may suggest a hormone imbalance. Excessive hair can be stimulated by pregnancy, menopause, vitamin deficiency, certain diseases, drugs, and emotional shock or stress.


Laser hair removal treatments works by a light energy penetrating into the skin. It targets and destroys the cells responsible for hair growth without causing damage to the surrounding skin. Most patients see a noticeable difference after one treatment, although to have complete removal in the area numerous treatments are required.


Folliculitis is bacterial or fungal infection. Typically, hairs grow up and out of a follicle, in this case the hair is growing under the skin this can cause and infection. It can be painful and tender, with large swollen lumps with an itching and burning sensation. This type of infection can occur when creating microscopic cuts or tears in the skin, usually from shaving. In most cases it is not sever and the skin will heal and clear up on its own. In very serious cases a swab will be taken to determine the underlying cause of the infection. 


Pseudofolliculitis (Razor Bumps) resemble folliculitis and its sensations but without the pus or infections.


Treatment Options

- Laser Hair Reduction/Removal