Wrinkles (also called rhytids) are lines or folds in the skin related to changes in the skin structure. There are two types:

  • Dynamic Wrinkles or “Wrinkles In Motion” Dynamic wrinkles are caused by overactive muscles that cause folds in the skin or an unwanted expression (such as frown/worry lines, crow’s feet, or “angry 11’s”).
  • Static Wrinkles or “Wrinkles at Rest” Static wrinkles typically occur as a result of sun exposure, environmental exposure (such as smoking or pollution), as well as your genetics.

As we age our skin changes significantly: it looks thinner, paler and more translucent. Billions of cells are replaced daily, unfortunately collagen and elastin cells are not as easily replaced by the body and the skin does not regain its pliable shape after being stretched and damaged by UV radiation. Over time, sun exposure causes photoaging. This damage is visible as pigmentation, wrinkles, sagging, and collagen and elastin breakdown. As the skin changes, connective tissues reduce your skins strength to heal and repair itself. Naturally cell turn over slows down making this regeneration process even slower with less cell regeneration.

Treatment Options